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Defcon XIII 2005

Head on over to for my entry on this year's defcon.

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Well at long last the The Art of Intrusion : The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders & Deceivers has been released! Get your copy now! 1.3

Well after about 3 months with the first design of thinknix I decided to upgrade the template. After a brief browse through the database I came across Presentation by krsna77. Presentation was just the type of clean template I was looking for so after about 3 minutes of thought I started the process of updating

Below is a list of projects that are in the planning/process stage or that have been completed.

  • thinknix redesign: Well as you can tell the redsign is complete and I think it looks great for now.
  • Operation Install: I went a little nuts and installed several distros of the last 4 days. You can find more about this on the projects page.
  • T335CDS - The Birth: From a shell to a Slacktop this is the story of my new used laptop.You can find more about this on the projects page.
  • Photo Albun: Added Coppermine Photo Album to Go ahead and take a look, Album
  • The Garage: I used to hangout a lot in my parents garages growing up so I thought I'd bring that here to the net. So if you want to stop by just come on through the gate it's open...Garage. 1.0...The Beginning

Welcome to ch0l0man's, after moving over to the Linux OS(LOS) I decided to create this site. Here you will find links and information geared towards Linux. The only section on this site that will be updated regularly is the projects page. The projects section will contain documentation on my testing and progression of the LOS.